Q   Are RAT Pedals True Bypass?

A   Yes, all RAT's are True Bypass.

Q   What are the power requirements for the Rat?

A   We offer the RPS3 power supply if you’d like to power your FatRat at 18V for increased headroom and bass response.

Q   What type of power supply should I use?

A   It depends on your Rat. Rat2s require a 3.5mm tip positive supply. Our RPS1 works with these, as well as older Rats with the 3.5mm jack. Newer Rats (except the Rat2) use the industry standard 2.1mm barrel type. (The RAT2 will change to a Center Negative Barrel jack power input connector by mid year 2017) For those, you can use the RPS2. Any number of dedicated pedalboard power supplies are safe to use with the Rat, and usually come with the appropriate adapter for the 3.5mm jacks. Voodoo labs, Visual Sound, and Cioks are a few examples of these

Q   What is the sonic difference between the LM308 and the OP07DP?

A   The OP07DP is a more modern chip that’s still in production. We’re talking nuances here, but it is more “hifi” sounding, with a quicker transient response, and slightly brighter overall character. The LM308 is more sluggish, “saggy,” and slightly darker. Some players prefer one over the other.

Q  : I want an 80s Rat. What’s the closest you make to those?

A   : If you’re after 80s authenticity, get a FatRat. The basis for this pedal’s design is in the 1985 Whiteface Reissue, which, you may recall, was a down to the PCB trace accurate reissue of the 85 pedal. It was more than a reissue really; it was a resumption of production. The FatRat takes this platform and expands on it, with a bass enhancement circuit, socketed opamp, mosfet clipping option, and increased voltage handling. In its stock settings, with an LM308, it is a 1985 whiteface reissue.